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I'm Done

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I'm Done
Written By Kelly Aspen

Here we go again, he’s in another bad mood
I just want a friend, someone to laugh and talk to
This house is not a home, it’s more like a prison cell
I know that he won’t take this well

I made up my mind, it’s gonna be tonight
Leave his world behind, but first I’ll have to fight
The devil in his chair, oh what am I waiting for?
I can’t avoid him anymore

I’m done, no more waiting on you
It’s no fun, saying that we’re through
Cause I know, I know, I know, thunders on it’s way, yea, yea
You’ll plead, come on baby, one more last chance
I’m through, oh I’m so through doing that dance
Cause I know, I know, I know, you ain’t never gonna change
And I won’t live my life that way

You laugh at me now, you say that I won’t last long
Faster than a blink, I see the anger come on
As I grab my bags and start heading for the door
Oh God, will I outlast the storm?

I won’t back down do what you may, there’s no way in hell I’ll stay....



No… all you do is waste my days and I won’t live my life that way