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I Still Want To Taste

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I Still Want To Taste
Written By Kelly Aspen

Breezes blow the scent of you, my heart drifts back in time
I’m still amazed how with one breathe, you move through me like wine
My body starts to feel the heat, here you come again
I let you overcome my mind, I always let you in

I wanna taste, sweet candy that I miss
I wanna swim, in the wetness of your kiss
I wanna hold, the dream that’s gone to waste
I know your not good for me, but I still want to taste

Mountain winds race down my neck, and dance upon my skin
Filling up my senses, reminding me of when
Your fingers walked along my back, seductive in their touch
With hungry eyes that hypnotize, I’m longing for that rush


Seems I am tempted by your forbidden fruit
But I know that if I bite, I won’t like the truth

I still want to taste, oh…I still want to taste, yea